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Everybody needs a cat!

And as long as you need one, he/she might as well be one of the coolest cats available.
And what could be cooler than a Stub Tail Cat!
With it's unique Cat personality, high intelligence, wild, Bob Cattish look and friendly, loving nature,,,,
Who could need anything more!

We're not talking a tailless Manx here. No, not some cat that's been deliberately bred to have a short or no tail, but a naturally occurring kitty that's only bred to maintain what Mother Nature gave her.

The first kind, the American Bobtail, has been bred from a naturally occurring mutation of house cats born with short and many times twisty tails.

The second is the famed Pixie Bob, a natural cross between domestic cats and their wild cousin, the American Bob Cat. Some breeders actually manage to get a cat that looks as much like a Bob Cat as it does a domestic cat.

The third is the Japanese Bobtail and is the oldest of all the stub tail breeds and is know to have existed for centuries. It has a pom pom poofy bunny like tail.

Lastly in the Stub Tail Cat cat-egory is the naturally occurring no-name variety that pops up in house cat litters every now and then. Definitely it is a cat to be considered.

I don't know what it is about the stub tail gene, but many of these kitties have more intense personalities than the already personable and loving house cat. Pixie Bob's especially have a personality that time and time again has been referred to as "dog-like". That is to say they form a strong bond with a person or group of people while avoiding unfamiliar people.

In these pages you'll find the specifications that define the different Stub Tail Cat breed standards. But, what you'll also find here are stories and pictures submitted from our visitors each giving their own personal insight into and experience with each of these breeds. Also for those of you who would like your very own Stub Tail Kitty, we have a section of breeder created pages so you can have a one stop shopping resource to find that special cat with all the traits that you're looking for in your own Stub Tail Cat.

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